I have been a patient of Dr. Andreea Larhs at Advanced Dentistry at Century Square since the practice opened. Dr. Larhs and her staff are top notch. 

Going to the dentist is not among my favorite things and I usually do not find myself in a position to write reviews about dental service. However at my most recent appointment I received exceptional service. Prior to the 7:00am appointment to replace two fillings (early appointments available – how accommodating) I let the staff know of my need to be finished by 8:00am as I had a meeting to attend. I was out of there before 8:00. This was great considering that while performing the work Dr. Larhs found an additional area of concern and repaired that as well (no need for another appointment Yay!). Lastly I left the office without half of my face feeling useless – never before have I had fillings without long lasting effects of novacane. This was great because I was able to participate fully in my meeting. 

The office atmosphere is great and it is at a very convenient downtown location.

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