I hadn’t been to a dentist in a long time. Pain eventually drove me to seek out a dentist. I was referred to Dr. Larhs by a periodonist my wife had been seeing. Dr. Larhs saw me that morning. They did a full initial patient examination and diagnosed my issues. I needed a root canal. Dr. Larhs referred me to a specialist. Dr. Larhs’ staff set up an appointment for me immediately after my appointment with Dr. Larhs. I had the root canal done that morning and experienced no more pain! It was absolutely phenomenal service and given the severe pain I had been in the preceding night, I am extremely grateful. Two weeks after my follow-up appointment with the specialist that did my root canal, Dr. Larhs’ office contacted me to complete the crown I needed to finish the work related to the tooth that needed the root canal. I had that appointment today. My experience with Dr. Larhs today was also very positive. Today, Dr. Larhs and her assistant were doing the restorative work. It was a two hour session of continuous work and I have to say I’m extremely pleased. I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but if I have to have it done, this was how I’d want it to happen.

Watch Dr. Larhs’ video viewable above or on her website where she talks about her practice, philosophy, and approach. The tone and substance of what she says in that video is amazingly true to how she is in person. Dr. Larhs was genuinely concerned about why I hadn’t been to the dentist in so long but dealt with me very supportingly and with the attitude of what they could do to give me a positive experience that would bring me back. Dr. Larhs discussed my dental condition very intelligently, very considerately, thoroughly, very clearly, and in a way that I could easily understand. Dr. Larhs’ office has a very modern feel – everything is done, both at the front desk and in the patient rooms on computers and on monitors designed to show the patient exactly what she is looking at. The office is beautifully clean, comfortable, and spacious – it’s one of the nicest medical offices I’ve ever visited. The staff I have interacted with at Dr. Larhs’ office have the same professional, caring, respectful, highly competent quality that Dr. Larhs exudes. I’ve only been to the office twice, but I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen so far and I’m very hopeful to have found a dental provider that I can rely on for a long time. Heck, I’ve even contemplated thinking I might like being a regular patient of Dr. Larhs and her staff rather than avoiding the dentist unless absolutely necessary!

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