MedAesthetics and Your Seattle Dentist Office


If you want to improve your appearance, MedAesthetics and your Seattle dentist office can help. At Advanced Dentistry at Century Square, we can turn back the clock by restoring your brilliant and beautiful smile. Dull, stained teeth are a sign of aging and can plague even the most energetic 30-year-olds. As you get older, lines may start to form around your mouth, your lips may shrink, and your smile may appear diminished, unhealthy, and worn. That’s the bad news. The good news is that when you visit our Downtown Seattle dental office for cosmetic dentistry, Botox, Latisse, or a dermal filler, you can reverse the signs of aging and have a fantastic smile again. To learn more or to get started, call (206) 292-9900.

MedAesthetics and Your Seattle Dentist Office: Solutions for Your Appearance

  • Teeth whitening. If you visit our Seattle, WA dental office looking for an improved smile, we will typically recommend that you start by scheduling a teeth whitening treatment. This is a fast, easy, and comfortable treatment that can remove the deep discoloration and staining from on and inside your teeth. Stained and yellow teeth are a sign of old age, so by simply whitening them, you will appear younger and healthier.
  • Botox. Knowing that your teeth are only part of the equation, we look at the skin around your smile as well. At Advanced Dentistry at Century Square, we use Botox to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The process is incredibly easy. We simply inject Botox into the areas where the wrinkles appear. It then prevents the muscles underneath your skin from contracting too much. By forcing your facial muscles to relax, your skin will become smoother and appear refreshed.
  • Dermal filler. We offer several types of dermal fillers and can make a recommendation regarding the right solution for you during a consultation. A dermal filler is designed to fill and plump the skin, where Botox addresses the muscles underneath it. As a result, they are often used together.
  • Latisse. You can have eyelashes that are long, thick and stunning with help from Latisse. This simple treatment can enhance your eyes without the constant use of mascara.

The Benefits of MedAesthetics and Your Seattle Dentist Office

Rather than visiting a plastic surgeon for invasive procedures or using facial creams that may or may not work, you can visit our Seattle dentist office for a soft lift. Our MedAesthetics solutions are designed to address issues with the texture and pigmentation of the skin, including providing contouring and volume while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Whether you try Botox, Latisse, or a dermal filler, the results will appear quickly and there will be no downtime, meaning you can return to work or your busy schedule right away. This makes MedAesthetics from Advanced Dentistry at Century Square a far superior option to other treatment methods.

As an added bonus, you can schedule an appointment for MedAesthetics on the same day you have your bi-annual dental exam and teeth cleanings. When you visit our 98101 cosmetic dentistry office, we offer you the convenience of improved health and enhance beauty from one attractive location. To schedule an appointment with our Downtown Seattle office, call (206) 292-9900.

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